Retro Tower Fan cum Humidifier[W-USBTF-02]

Retro Tower Fan cum Humidifier[W-USBTF-02]

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Retro Tower Fan cum Humidifier

Features Three Speeds, Regular Spray

Toggle the button once, twice, and three times to turn on the low, medium, and high wind speed mode, and toggle the button one or two times, in turn, to turn on the long spray and inter-spray functions.

Brushless Motor

Effectively reduce airflow loss and make the air supply quieter.

220ml Water Tank

The spray cools down physically, humidifies the air, and says goodbye to dryness.

5W USB Interface

It can be connected to a mobile power supply, energy-saving and silent, and enjoy a comfortable life.

Specification Product name: humidifier tower fan

Material: ABS/GF/PC

Color: white/pink/green

Product size: 109mm x 109mm x293mm

Power: 5w

Misting time: about 3-6H

Water tank capacity: 220ml

Fan Gear: 3 speed

Button usage

Toggle the switch upward to turn on fan ( first: low speed, second: middle speed, third: high speed)

Toggle the switch downward to turn on the humidifier (first: continuous spraying, second: intermittent spraying)


1 x Retro Tower Fan 1 x usb cable

2 x cotton swab

1 x manual

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1 Retro Tower Fan cum Humidifier