Keyboard with Universal Docking Station[W-UC3300]

Keyboard with Universal Docking Station[W-UC3300]

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Keyboard with Universal Docking Station


Essential connections for simple workstations This laptop dock features basic device connections that are integrated into a Keyboard Featured Design. Now you can create a permanent or a hoteling (hot desking) workstation in a location with limited space. The dock offers an efficient solution for adding an extra display, a Gigabit network connection, and multiple USB devices without having to connect several individual adapters. And, with hotel desks or hot desks, laptop users aren’t tied to one specific workstation, so they can come and go easily. If you don't need all the connections and features of a traditional laptop docking station, you can use this dock to add the most essential connections (such as an extra display) to your laptop. Power Your Laptop Using a single cable, the dock powers and charges your laptop with 60W Power Delivery, using the included 135W power adapter.

The USB-A and USB-C Charge ports can charge your smartphone, tablet or other USBperipherals whether you're working or away from your desk, and even if you disconnect your laptop.


Use dual displays to work on multiple documents simultaneously in office applications

View multiple monitors at a glance, in financial or investment firms Create a quick-connect workstation that supports your existing HDMI, VGA monitors


78-Key Keyboard Design

Connect dual 1080p or a single 4K 30Hz display to your USB-C laptop Easy setup with no drivers to install, including dual displays with no extra adapters required

Keyboard Design USB-C Docking Station with 11 Different Interfaces. A cost-effective way to add ports to your laptop, such as HDMI, USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet, SD/MicroSD and a headset jack

*** SD and Micro SD slots can not work at the same time.

>Convenient Display Options This USB docking station gives you the option to connect a single 4K display instead of dual displays.

Set your laptop workstation up with dual monitors (1x VGA, 1x HDMI), or for higher resolutions, connect either a single HDMI or 4K HD monitor.

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Keyboard with Universal Docking Station