Portable Mobile Phone Amplifier[W-PS-01]

Portable Mobile Phone Amplifier[W-PS-01]

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Portable Mobile Phone Amplifier


1. PHONE DESK STAND: Universal wooden phone desk stand for cellphones 6mm-10mm thickness

phone. 2. LIGHT WEIGHT SLIM AND STYLELISH DESIGN: phone desk stand, also a perfect desktop or home decoration accessory.

3. DESKTOP GADGET: With phone desk stand sound amplifier function, it adds 6-20 decibels of volume to your phones speaker, speakerphone calls are crips and clear.


Color: Black

Material: ABS

Weight: 35g

Applicable Model: 10mm Wide, 6mm-10mm Thickness Phone

Feature: Amplifier Phone holder 2 in 1, Adjustable

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1x Phone Holder

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Premium Gifts


Portable Mobile Phone Amplifier