Bluetooth Sound Bar with Subwoofer[W-Soundbar-X]

Bluetooth Sound Bar with Subwoofer[W-Soundbar-X]

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Bluetooth Sound Bar with Subwoofer


2.0 channel sound bar X6

Bluetooth 5.0

1.Enjoy wireless streaming music

2.Bluetooth wireless range reaches 30 feet in the open area

Wired Connection

1.Support USB and AUX input

2.RCA to 3.5mm cable provided

3.Change your TV audio output to PCM and external speaker

4.Disable the TV speaker for AUX connection

Remote and Buttons Control

1.Remote controller supplied, operation range is 4-6m in open area

2.Buttons control can do almost all settings

3.Does not support TV remote or universal remote, but aux connection can support

TV remote or universal remote to control volume

1.Built-in 4 drivers including 2 subwoofer, 2 full-range speakers, could output deep bass and 105dB crystal-clear sound, enjoy a dynamic home theater experience with surround sound

2.Built-in DSP chip, support movie, music, and news and default sound modes, support bass, and treble adjustment.

3.Supports wireless Bluetooth, AUX and USB input, compatible with DVD, PS4, smartphone, tablet, projector, and TVs

4.Remote control, operation range reach 4-6m

5.(18.7-Inch, great for 40-inch or above TVs)

6.Super easy installation and operation


2.0 Channel with deep bass

Built-in dual subwoofers, could reinforce low-frequency sounds, add rich bass to your movie, TV shows, music, and gaming.

Loud 105dB

Total 4 drivers, powerful 10w, output up to 105dB loud sound, great for big living room

Power source : DC 3.7V

size:407mm x 52mm x 63mm

Impedance : 4ohm

Main board: jianron

Input Power :3.5mm AUX

Horn: The two speakers?The two loudspeaker diaphragm

Output Power :5Wx2

Battery capacity: 5200mAh

Frequency Response?100Hz-18KHz

Bluetooth:Bluetooth 5.0

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Bluetooth Sound Bar with Subwoofer