Reusable Face Mask [N95][W-VPR-9021BL]

Reusable Face Mask [N95][W-VPR-9021BL]

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Reusable Face Mask [N95]

Product Features: 1. PREMIUM MATERIAL: Safety Mask cover is well built by Nylon, offering excellent permeability. Soft texture, quick drying, breathable and comfortable to wear.

2. HEALTHY BREATHING: separation of 95% dust, gas, smoke and fumes.The dust proof mask can be used for anti-dust, anti-vehicle exhaust, anti PM2.5 and haze day protection.

3. PERFECT DESIGN: Adjustable nose clip, with unique ventilation design, a plurality of holes, excellent permeability, exhale, the valve of work out mask is opened without resistance, double air breathing valve, air resistance is smaller, smooth breathing. Perfect for spring, summer, autumn and winter wear.

4. EASY TO REPLACE: Easy to keep clean and you can replace them with another new valve and filter by yourself.


KN95 GB2626-2006 KN95 Test Performance:

99% average filtration of salt medium

95% average filtration of oily medium

KN95 is the standard for N95 in China, recommended by the Chinese

government to use anti-virus masks. The PM2.5 filtering effect can reach more than 95%, which effectively protects you and your family.

Multiple Applications Dust Mask

This reusable dust mask with filter is helpful in numerous applications, including cleaning, renovation, gardening, sawing, grinding, drilling, and demolition projects. With this dust-proof mask, you have a higher chance of enjoying your life outdoors and ensuring that you stay safe in the workplace regardless of the contaminants and allergens in the air you are dealing with every day.

Breathable Material - Made from breathable neoprene fabric with layered active carbon filters as well as double one-way valves to reduce heat build-up inside the mask as you work. Protection against dust, anti- vehicle exhaust, anti-pollen, PM2.5, for cycling, hiking, skiing and other outdoor activities.

High quality– The mask is made with military grade filtration technology and comes with straps that are adjustable, ergonomic and comfortable. The mask is also fitted with a valve that automatically opens and closes allowing you to breathe smoothly.

Easy to use: Built-in exhalation valve lets air in and keeps moisture out, letting you breathe easier while keeping dust and other pollutants out. Our Outdoor masks can be washed and reused, all you have to do is change the filter.

About Size - The adjustable elastic straps can adjust the size you fits most. (kid under 8 years old are forbidden) , According to the person face design, keep out the bridge of the nose the following part, to prevent the slide. Prevent the bridge of the nose from being crushed and you can attach the bridge of the nose to the inside of the filter.

HOW LONG - The filter needs to be replaced after a period of use. In order to ensure the filtration effect, it is usually replaced everyday. Note:Filter cannot be washed!!

Package include: One mask and 1 filter

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Reusable Face Mask [N95]