LiuLi Award - Eagle - 3003LB[W-JB-3003LB]

LiuLi Award - Eagle - 3003LB[W-JB-3003LB]

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LiuLi Award - Eagle - 3003LB


What is Liuli and Pate-De-Verre technique

"Liuli" means ancient Chinese glass/crystal. It has a lineage stretching back thousands of years, first making its appearance in the 11th century BC. The art of Liuli left an indelible trail throughout Chinese history until the 19th century when China opened its door to imported goods, and effectively stifled traditional artisan skills.

The discovery in 1968 of the tomb of Liu Shun, a nobleman from Man-Chung County in Hopei Province, unearthed the earliest recorded example of pate-de-verre. A glass ear cup was found behind the renowned "jade suit with gold thread."

Archaeologists confirmed the glass material was of Chinese origin, indicating the pate-de-verre technique was indeed indigenous to China. This revelation was astounding and engendered in the group of artists a profound sense of mission to revive the artistry embedded in their own ancestry.


Product Type:Trophy


Style:Folk Art



Model Number:JB-3003LB

Material : 24%PbO crystal,High quality crystal glass

Color: Amber

Logo: UV print, sand blasting

Packing: Gift box

Size: 8.8 in x 3.54in x 3.54in

Weigh: 1.91 kg Shape:Customized Shapes

MOQ: 30pcs

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Premium Gifts


LiuLi Award - Eagle - 3003LB